Vote NO on Measure E.

Measure E will make Palo Alto’s hotel tax the highest in the state.

Palo Alto leads on many things… but having the highest hotel tax in the state should not be one of them.

  • Palo Alto does not merit a 15.5% transient occupancy tax (hotel tax) compared to California cities with major attractions.
  • High taxes on Palo Alto hotels have community-wide consequences, as fewer hotel guests mean less business for restaurants and stores and less revenue for the city.
  • Measure E would be Palo Alto’s third hotel tax increase in 11 years, while Mountain View’s has remained at 10% for 27 years.
  • City leaders know taxing hotel guests is easy, but the modest amount raised won’t solve the fiscal cliff Palo Alto faces with looming pension costs.

City Hall keeps asking for more money for the same unfinished infrastructure projects, but where is the money actually going?

  • Palo Alto city leaders are failing to manage taxpayer-generated funds transparently.
  • Tax-funded projects from 2008 and 2014 remain incomplete.
  • Where is city revenue being spent and why does City Hall need to increase the hotel tax for the third time in 11 years to pay for the same projects?
  • City leaders know the hotel tax is just the beginning as they already are considering increased sales, parcel and transfer taxes to fund the same 2014 projects.

Measure E ballot language is misleading.

  • The revenue generated by Measure E will go to the City’s General Fund, meaning they can spend the money however they want, including for salary increases and burgeoning pension costs- not on promised infrastructure promises.
  • We should not rush into a tax that will do more harm than good.
  • Palo Alto needs tax transparency first, not more disingenuous mismanagement of our taxes.
  • Measure E funds are a drop in the bucket compared to the City’s revenue needs to cover project deficits and the doubling of pension costs.

Read the Palo Alto Daily Post article against Measure E.

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